Rumor: Is Crazy Taxi among others headed to XBLA?

With new retail releases in the doldrums at the moment outside of Splinter Cell Conviction, it’s only fitting that the action be shifted to Xbox LIVE Arcade until the avalanche that is May slowly creeps up on us. Although, what’s just hit the “interwebs” is indeed quite interesting enough to keep any gamers mind a buzz with thoughts of grandeur as it pertains to XBLA.

Coming from Digiex.net (I’ve personally never heard of them) a few screenshots off of an Xbox 360 dev kit have supposedly leaked showing off a few unannounced titles for Xbox LIVE Arcade that should make many a fan very happy. The likes of Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, and Quake Arena Arcade are largely what is shown via the few screens below. Whether or not they are legit isn’t entirely known at the time of this writing, but you’re looking at the work of a mad photoshop master if they aren’t accurate images of some kind.

Bail Crazy Taxi Halo ReachCrazy Taxi Final 3.2  Quake Arena Arcade Quake Arena Arcade (2) Quake Arena Arcade Dashboard Quake Arena Arcade Ingame Quake Arena Arcade Ingame (2) Quake Arena Arcade Menu Sonic 4 Episode 1 Sonic Adventure Super Sonic

[Via Neogaf]