XBLA Today: Metal Slug XX and Aqua

Arriving today on Xbox LIVE Arcade is a barrage of shooting goodness. Whether you like old school side scrolling in Metal Slug XX or top down/Isometric shooting in Aqua – Naval Warefare you have your pick. Metal Slug XX is another in the long line of Metal Slug games out of SNK Playmore. If you’ll played anything of the previous titles you know what you’re in for. Light platforming engulfing in shooting, shooting, and more shooting is what you’re in for. Metal Slug XX can be had in full for 1200 MSP.

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The second release on Xbox LIVE Arcade to today is Aqua – Naval Warfare. A title based around piloting vehicles over water (you can obviously gleam that from the title) , warfare over the seas is the name of this game. Somewhat similar to a few other titles previously released on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Aqua is accompanied by a comic book presentation of its story. Aqua will hit you up for 800 MSP.

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