1 vs 100 gets cancelled

We're sorry to have kept you waiting in suspense before having to deliver this kind of news. We fully understand how some of you may be upset about the announcement.   We hope you understand that it wasn’t an easy decision to make and there was a great deal of deliberation.

Our team really enjoyed making 1 vs. 100.  Working on it was unlike anything we’d worked on before.  Seeing the passionate feedback and interaction from our players was always appreciated. Even though we spent our days at work bringing the game to you, we still enjoyed playing alongside you. Our colleagues on the writing team made us laugh, too.

We knew starting on this project, that 1 vs 100 was completely different and would be an idea we would continue to evolve.  We’ve learned a lot from this experience and we’re committed to applying these lessons to the cool, new stuff we’re working on, but can’t yet discuss.

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