Halo Reach also gets the leak treatment


It looks like the old adage "the more things change, the more things stay the same" has come true once again. Halo is no stranger to people turning into ravage dogs over wanting to play a game before anyone else, but when it comes to anything Halo things are ratcheted up to 11. So what's this leaky business that's going on have to do with Halo Reach? Well, it turns out the reverent wings of Reach have fallen to terrible plumbing in what can be called an avalanche of poor patch work.

Originally posted on a forum called GameTut's (you have to register on the forum to view the bragging post), you'll be greeted with yet another gamer waving his/her flag of coolness as they too have gotten their hands on a game before release in a not so legitimate way. The folks at HBO are no stranger to Halo spoilers floating around the net and neither should you as you try your darnedest to avoid material robbing you of your Halo innocence. Nevertheless, videogame grave robbers have done their dirty deed to get the game. Good luck avoiding the douche bags who want to ruin everything for the honest folk out there.

[Via Joystiq]