New Controller with Improved D-Pad Unveiled


Amidst the outrage over the Xbox Live price increase, Microsoft seems like perhaps they wanted to show their fans that they do, in fact, listen to their needs. They're doing this by not only revamping the Play-and-Charge kit, but also the most complaine-about issue regarding the controller itself.

There's no denying that the first-party controllers to this point have had absolutely terrible D-Pads. While it's particularly noticeable in fighting games, like Super Street Fighter IV, the inaccuracies are obvious on platforming titles as well.


As shown in the picture above (taken from Major Nelson's official blog), the D-Pad will be reinforced with matte silver and can actually transform from a flat design to an outwardly-extended design by simply twisting your wrist. The controller will also feature a sleek new monotone color scheme in the buttons that goes well with the rest of the look.

Now for the downside. You cannot buy this new and improved controller separately. Instead, you must purchase the new Play-and-Charge kit, which will retail for $64.99 and will hit store shelves on November 9th. Check out the new packaging below and be sure to tell us what you think about the new controller in the comments section!