Master Chief is more recognizable than Nelson Mandela? GTFO


Remember that Master Chief fellow from those first three Halo titles? Yeah, that Master Chief. He's a swell guy isn't he. He's so swell millions upon millions of people know who he is from this thing we've come to know and sometimes love called Xbox. But how well has Master Chief's exploits against the Covenant propelled him into the lexicon of today's society? There's no way John 117 would be more recognized over an important NON-FICTIONAL person like Nelson Mandela, would he? Well, get prepared to lose a little bit of faith in humanity as you watch several people fail to know who Nelson Mandela is, yet Master Chief rolls off the tongue like there's no tomorrow. 

Being one of the single greatest reason's for the eventual abolishment of Apartheid in South Africa is most definitely a good way to get yourself some fame. Unfortunately that pales in comparison to sticking it some aliens. Or is it the massive crushing feeling we all felt when Halo 2 didn't have an ending that we can't shake to this day? Can that really propel Master Chief to stardom beyond that of a living hero? I don't know what that says about our society today, but it most certainly confirms that this thing that we call videogames must be pretty damn awesome.