Halo Reach's Defiant Map Pack officially announced



Rumor gets around these days mighty fast thanks to the internet and when it comes to Halo the exception is the rule in most cases. Whispers in the wind have been relaying word of the next Halo Reach Map Pack to be called the "Defiant Map Pack" and it turns out the whispers were right once again. The Defiant Map Pack that brings three new maps (one of which is the first ever new Firefight map) has been officially announced and to arrive in March 2011 with screens and video to boot (seen below).

Condemned, a mangled communications hub high above the planet, and Highlands, a Spartan training facility nestled in the mountains of Reach, or engage the Covenant directly on Unearthed, defending the entrance to a key titanium mine in the first Firefight DLC ever.