E3 2013: Microsoft Press Briefing Rundown

E3 2013.png
  • The lights go down and...
  • Surprise! Konami is first up with gameplay footage Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
  • Don Mattrick takes the stage.
  • A new Xbox 360 design is announced with Xbox One design ques that is available today.  Two free games per month for Xbox Live Gold Members.
  • World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is shown and announced for Xbox 360 via a trailer. Free-to-Play for Gold members.
  • Press Play is next up with Max: The Curse of Brotherhood .
  • Bandai Namco follows With a gameplay montage of Dark Souls II .
  • Phil Spencer takes the stage to talk Microsoft Studios.
  • Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome is first up with a trailer followed by gameplay. To be available exclusively at launch on Xbox One.
  • Killer Instinct is announced with a trailer! It's back on Xbox One.
  • Ted Price from Insomniac Games is up next to announce their next game Sunset Overdrive with a trailer. It's to be exclusive to Xbox One.
  • A trailer for Forza Motorsport 5 is shown with a focus on McClaren ( a real life McClaren car is on stage as well). A brief gameplay demo along with a trailer of all in-game footage is shown.
  • Phil Harrison is next up on stage to talk Indie Games. 
  • Minecraft is announced to be coming to Xbox One with a trailer.
  • Sam Lake from Remedy is bright on stage to show off more of Quantum Break
  • Swery65 gets a quick trailer for a murder mystery titled D4 .
  • Project Spark is announced. A heavy use of SmartGlass is demoed. A game demo and trailer are followed.
  • Marc Whitten is next up on stage to talk more Smart Glass.  Upload Studio is demoed. TwitchTV is announced to be partnering with Xbox One. Xbox Live Gold sharing is highlighted.
  • Crimson Dragon is shown next. to be exclusive on Xbox One.
  • Dead Rising 3 is officially announced accompanied by a lengthy gameplay demo. It is announced to be exclusive to the Xbox One.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be coming to Xbox One. First ever gameplay footage is shown of the game.
  • Battlefield 4 gameplay is next (Technical difficulties plague the start) First map pack to be launched on Xbox Live first on Xbox One.
  • Phil Spencer is brought back out to announce an Indie title called Below.
  • Black Tusk's ( Microsoft Studio first party developer) first game is shown of. (Untitled)
  • The next game trailer shown is for 343's Halo 5 with a trailer.  
  • The Xbox One will be launching in 21 markets this November at $499.00 in the US, 499.00 in Europe and in the UK at £421.00.
  • Respawn Entertainment's Titan Fall is up last with a the first ever trailer of the game with gameplay, with an actual gameplay demo that follows up.


Thoughts On: Kinect, Kinect, Kinect


What everyone and their mothers should have gotten very clear from this weeks E3 2011 Xbox Media Briefing was one thing: YOU should have bought Kinect! or Let's hope YOU will/have Kinect! Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. Kinect is a really nice piece of technology, yet, when it comes to games that you and I play the big fear is that what we love today (as in traditionally controlled games) will go away in favor of games pushing us toward motion and nothing but Motion. Fear is a powerful thing. So, why are we letting it ruin an otherwise harmless portion of our lifes? Videogames are obviously an important part of our lives if you are reading this. Seen in the video's below, it's beginning to appear that what developers are getting a grasp at is augmenting Kinect functionality into our so-called "hardcore games" instead of replacing so much of the interaction to a point where you feel left out if you've chosen thus far to not particapate in all of the wacky Kinect fun.

And of course, I could go on and on, but the real proof will be in the pudding once all of these Kinect "enhanced" titles release. Kinect or not, you will still be able to play your games the way you always have. Relax...

Kinect Core Games Preview from the eye's of Xbox


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Kinect Demo at E3 2011 Mcirosoft Press Briefing

Mass Effect 3 Kinect Demo at E3 2011 Mcirosoft Press Briefing

Kinect Fun Labs Demo at E3 2011 Mcirosoft Press Briefing