Counter Strike Source and Garry's Mod get further updates


In the PC gaming world Counter Strike and by extension of Half Life 2 "Garry's Mod" have become two of the PC's greatest institutions. Either way you swing (it's probably both) these experiences continue to get supported like no other. After restarting your Steam client you'll have the following updates applied.

Counter-Strike: Source

  • Added a new server ConVar "sv_competitive_minspec" that enforces the following restrictions on clients when set to 1:
    • r_drawdetailprops 1
    • r_staticprop_lod (-1 to 3)
    • fps_max minimum 60 (or 0)
    • cl_detailfade minimum 400
    • cl_detaildist minimum 1200
    • cl_interp (0 to 0.031)
    • cl_interp_ratio (1 to 2)
  • Fixed ragdolls popping when using mp_fadetoblack 1
  • Fixed a buffer overrun exploit that could be used to attack/crash servers.
  • Fixed a crash at startup when no sound emitter scripts were loaded.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if a custom model was loaded with missing materials.
  • Fixed a crashed related to alt-tab.
  • Fixed a potential crash in the shaders.
  • Fixed a crash when running custom maps with missing model files
  • Removed the client console commands "mat_supress" and "mat_debug"

Garry's Mod

  • Fixed viewmodel animations lagging
  • Fixed weapons sometimes ejecting more than one shell at a time
  • Fixed Lua errors caused by bad Voice entity
  • Fixed physics crash due to dubious Lua coding
  • Fixed cloudscript sometimes spawning the wrong entity type
  • Restored click delay on physgun
  • Increased max Lua Particle Emitter limit
  • Added toybox_entity command to debug cloudscripts offline