Mass Effect Limited Edition Announced

Mass Effect 2007 Screenshots

Well its nice to see Bioware and Microsoft announcing a limited edition sku for the Mass Effect hardcore.  I wonder if having an art book and behind the scenes DVD is the norm for limited edition releases.  But then again a game release seems to be drawn out into more of an event than it used to be.  The second book about Mass Effect is scheduled to hit around the same time as the game, along with small models for the franchise characters.  I think it is slightly premature for the toy models but I doubt Bioware will disappoint us as far as the game goes.

Limited Collector's Edition content:

  • Fiction Book: Galactic Codex: Essentials
  • Mass Effect Art Book: A Future Imagined
  • 2nd DVD with exclusive videos about Mass Effect (Art of Mass Effect, Interactive Storytelling of Mass Effect)

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-Matthew "Webnet" Moore-