What PC Gears has that 360 Gears doesn't

The difference between console Gears and PC Gears is not as discernable as the forum flames warned.  Yes, there will be some levels you can't play but I highly doubt Epic will utterly screw us 360 gamers.  Although don't expect the content saved for PC gamers to come free.  Here's a quick rundown of the things that will come included in the Games for Windows version of Gears of War, straight from the Microsoft Fact Sheet (from Kotaku... from Beyond Unreal...... Then Microsoft :).

  • 1 Act or 5 chapters of Gears Campaign with a Brumak fight
  • Direct X 10 support (better graphics)
  • "Game Editor" basically its like giving PC Gamers the Engine to play around with Gears (Halo 3's Forge on steroids)
  • Three New Multiplayer Maps
  • A New Multiplayer Gametype

[Via Kotaku => Beyond Unreal]

-Matthew "Webnet" Moore-