Mass Effect: So now we know why its "M"

Earlier this year everyone started speculating what sort of content would be found in Mass Effect now that its rated "M".  Well the British rating board sure is good at keeping secrets.  They released their rating of Mass Effect and based the text its pretty explanatory.

“The game has been classified at ‘12′ for moderate violence and one sex scene. The sex scene is triggered by the player making a series of choices about becoming more than friends with a colleague. If playing as a male character the scene can take place between him and a human woman or a humanoid female alien. If playing as a female character the scene can take place between her and a male human or a female humanoid alien. The game also contains use of the word ‘bastard’ and at least one aggressive use of the word ‘bitch’, both of which are acceptable under BBFC guidelines at ‘12′.”

That's right folks Mass Effect will teach you how babies are made.  They will even tell you, if your a lady, how not to make babies but still have a "relationship".  These are truly RVB Tucker moments... Well you read the quote, Now who are you going to play as, a guy or a girl?  I think I will load up three save files...

[Via Xboxic]

-Matthew "Webnet" Moore-