New Bungie.net Launches Tomorrow

For those of you who want to know more of what happens in Halo 3 and be spoiled by plot spoilers (they do that you know) you can when B.net launches in its entirety.  Halo 3's online system has been revamped this time adding more functionality website.  TeamXbox got a hold of Development Lead Chris Gossett to fill the eager fans in on what will be wrapped up in the new Bungie.net.  If you are interested be satisfied with pictures and text galore, after the break.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy + TeamXbox]

-Matthew "Webnet" Moore-

  • View Bungie Favorites File Share
  • View Recent and Active Shared Files in the Halo 3 Community
  • Status ticker of total enemy kills counts in Halo 3 Campaign.
  • Recent Multiplayer and Campaign Game Widgets.

Service Record Page(s): (for every player of Halo 3 on LIVE)

  • Multiplayer Game History
  • Multiplayer Game Details (Like Halo 2 Experience)
  • Special Bungie.Net only Medals.
  • Campaign Game History
  • Campaign Game Details with detailed scoring, medal and kill breakdown.
  • Halo 3 Achievements Page (Recent 4 and view all) (must be signed in to passport)
  • View File Shares (Mine and Yours View)
    • Download to your Xbox 360 Find anyone's user created content and flag it for automatic download the next time you log in to LIVE on your Xbox 360.
    • Copy to your share
    • Rate a file. Everyone in the community will be rating all user created content and then it will 'bubble up' to the top to be accessible by others.
    • View Game Details (where applicable).
    • Delete from your share
    • Create / View Forum Threads
  • View Screenshots (Gallery View and Recent Uploads View)
    • Copy any Hi-res screenshot to your Gallery
    • Rate it.
    • Delete from your Gallery
    • View Game Details (where applicable).
    • Create / View Forum Thread
    • Select one Glory Shot for display on your Service Record
  • View a list of your recently downloaded Files
  • View/Browse Files and Screenshots of your Friends.
  • Career Match-made Aggregate Stats (ranked and social) by map by weapon by game engine.
  • Screenshot Collection Viewer (pop-up with 'pip')
  • View all Screenshots and Files related to an online game.
  • Mini View of Halo 3 Friend Leader-boards (from Xbox Live).
  • View a Player Snapshot complete with player model and last know armor permutation.

Forums/Community Page:

  • Ability to Browse Screenshots and Files in the Shared Files Forum.
  • Private Forums for fan clubs, clans and groups.


  • Updated Profile Layout.
  • Halo 3/BNET linkage setting on settings page (used to display Bungie.net in Matchmaking lobby).
  • Use Halo 3 Emblem as Forum Avatar.
  • New Home Page Design.