XBLA Today: The Maw is now available

The Maw Logo

Coming to your Xbox Live Arcade “intertubez” today is the release of The Maw, for 800 MS points. An action platformer, The Maw tasks you with taking “The Maw” through various enviroments on a leash as it devours it’s way to the freedom found at the end of the journey. Also with the game is an included premium The Maw dashboard theme for that “NXE”, as you’ve know doubt had a hard time swallowing the price point of the NXE premium themes. But wait, that’s not all. After “beating the game” (Ha, take that again Alex Ward, lol) you’ll unlock free gamerpics as well.

*Click here to add the trial to your download que.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-