The Xbox Domain’s Top Ten Games of the Year 2009 (9&10)

Game of the Year is something that can and only will be determined by you. No matter what this list says in the end you have your favorites and so does the staff of The Xbox Domain. Collating the picks by the staff and adding up occurrences of each title from every personal list to determine the order of the Top Ten Games of 2009 for the Xbox 360, we bring you our result. You may agree and more likely you will disagree. Feel free to argue it out.


9.The Beatles: Rock Band

The Holy Grail of music videogame licenses released this past year. Pulling some kind of voodoo magic, Harmonix found themselves actually making a Beatles videogame (No way man!). Something that no one ever thought would happen, 09-09-09 was the date to be wary of whether you had interest or not if only because of the grander scope of every “general” reporter out there at least taking a passing interest because “everyone” knows The Beatles in some form or fashion. Thankfully on the game side of things though, Harmonix hit a home run on the single band experience with a music title is as much of a visual feast to the eyes with Beatles nostalgia as it is with the music itself. And while it may not have sold as much as it was highly acclaimed,The Beatles: Rock Band makes it onto our list at #9.



10.UFC 2009 Undisputed

2009 saw the release of UFC 2009 Undisputed. A triumphant return to the videogame world for the UFC since it’s videogame hayday back on the Dreamcast. UFC 2009 Undisputed makes it onto our list at #10. Bringing a flare for violence unlike many of its offhand cousins, UFC 2009 brought the brutality of Mixed Martials Arts to your Xbox 360 in glorious fashion as you watched two fighters beat the shit out of each other with their given skill set. And with it having some what of a clearing during it’s release against it’s anointed rival Fight Night Round 4, it was clear that straight up boxing was just not enough.