The Xbox Domain’s Top Ten Games of the Year 2009 (7&8)

Game of the Year is something that can and only will be determined by you. No matter what this list says in the end you have your favorites and so does the staff of The Xbox Domain. Collating the picks by the staff and adding up occurrences of each title from every personal list to determine the order of the Top Ten Games of 2009 for the Xbox 360, we bring you our result. You may agree and more likely you will disagree. Feel free to argue it out.


7.‘Splosion Man

Back when Splosion Man was announced we all thought it was an April fools joke (No more April 1st announcements guys). Come time for the 2nd annual Summer of Arcade we’d soon enough find out that the joke was on us. Twisted Pixel’s quick turn around baby would bring the joy of classic 2D platforming better than certain other franchises, but what couldn’t be foretold was the instant love for “Donuts Go Nut’s”. Xbox LIVE Arcade be damned or not, Splosion Man clearly stands tall on its own merits regardless of its distribution method. It quite possibly made us wonder what else we could turn into steaks as we walk around real life, but our love for donuts was indeed reaffirmed. Don’t tell me you didn’t wait as long as possible to give that fat scientist his inevitable demise just so you could hear that song one more time. Donuts in hand, ‘Splosion Man makes it onto our list at #7.


8.Resident Evil 5

If you like controversy then Resident Evil 5 is most definitely your game. A title that seeming was under the crosshairs immediately once it was shown for the first time. African Zombies? How can a Zombie be black. Doesn’t the T-Virus know not to mess with Black people? Now, while there may (100% is) some sarcasm and sinicism in that past sentence, lets get over ourselves. A zombie/infected is just that -- Ripe for the killing. And that’s what RE5 brings to the table, along with what all of you kiddies/big kids are calling all the rage, Co-op. No-one will call Resident Evil a watershed moment in story telling, because lets face it; this story is bat shit crazy. But that’s what you’ll probably be looking for and that’s what you’ll get with spectacular visuals. We didn’t “run and gun” in this title, but it did move fast enough to get to the #8 spot on our list.