Microsoft's CES 2011 Keynote Highlights


The Consumer Electronics Show is here once again and the folks up in Redmond Washington are also without fail there as well to show off what's up next from Microsoft. To the liking of those in the gaming sector a great deal of Microsoft's Keynote was focused on Xbox 360, Kinect, and gaming on Windows Phone 7. Although things about Windows 7 were also talked about and shown lets focus on the gaming possibilities and the like. That's what you're here for isn't? There was lots of tauting of big numbers and here are the highlights as presented by CEO Steve Ballmer & Company.

  • Controller free Zune, Netflix, and Hulu Plus are coming this spring.
  • Avatar Kinect- A virtual meeting room with your friends through Kinect giving you a place to interact with each other's avatar as motion captured by you.
  • To date 50 million Xbox 360's have been sold.
  • Xbox Live has reached 30 million members.
  • Over 8 million Kinect sensor's have been sold through during the first 60 days of launch ( that's 3 million above projections of 5 million).
  • Fable Coin Golf headed to Windows Phone 7.
Of course there was more with tablets and low power laptops, but if gaming is what you ultimately care about there you have it.