Xbox to receive a wireless headset "do-over"


This site in it's Xbox only incarnation was no stranger to the Xbox 360's wireless headset. Unfortunately, all is not "lovedubby" when it comes to Microsoft's Wireless Headset for it's Xbox 360. Claims of high pitched noises, nonfunctional charging, inability to sync, or just plainly bad audio quality have been rampant for years since it's release. Was or is there a fix for these issues? Of course there is. Be prepared to shell out some more money to fix your issues if you have any by buying another headset.

This time out the headset is to have bluetooth functionality as well so that you can actually use it on something other than an Xbox 360. What a novel idea, huh? There are two modes of operation that allow you to switch between bluetooth and Xbox mode with a press of a button. But will this be better than the headset already on the market? We'll see.

Also announced with the new headset is a new media remote for Xbox 360. Have you been asking for one of those? You haven't? Neither was I. The guys and gals at Logitech I'm sure are shaking in their boots now. Fans of the Harmony Xbox 360 remote of yesteryear are likely to be the only customers for this remote if their OG remote has found some sort of violent death over the years. 


Images of the new Headset and Media remote can be found here.

[Via Major Nelson]