Video: A closer look at the Xbox One's controller

Xbox One Controller

Arguably, the most important part of console gaming is it's controller, not the console itself. The way you interact with the device on a base level is entirely based on your level of comfort with your hands currently (Kinect not withstanding in this context). As more information comes out about the Xbox One on its way up to launch the continued success of its often lofty expectation for its controller is a heated topic. Improved ergonomics, a "fancier" guide button and "impulse triggers" are just a few of the changes we'll see in due time. Fortunately, Major Nelson and company are back for more with the below detailing of the Xbox One's controller. 

 Also note that the most used gamepad on the PC currently is the Xbox 360's wired and wireless controller (with a wireless receiver) although at launch of the Xbox One its controller won't be PC compatible until 2014.