Video: Watch as Xbox One gets live demoed for the first time

You asked for it, you've begged for it, and it's finally here folks. The live demo of the Xbox One's dashboard is finally here. Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten both go through the demo together as they show off nearly every mainline feature of the Xbox One in a real time setting with no pre-recorded video or "slight of hand" edits. If you've pre-ordered an Xbox One and aren't quite excited for it yet this just might get you to at least smile about the amount of money you may or may not be spending.


Xbox One Release date revealed to be November 22nd, 2013

Xbox One.png

It has been revealed by Microsoft today that the Xbox One is to be released on November 22nd, 2013. A week after the PlayStation 4, the most important card on the Xbox table has been played. We now know when the launch party will begin for Xbox One and its highest competitor. 

Also posted by Major Nelson are a few pictures of Xbox One's boxed up on a pallet ready for shipping. 

Video: A closer look at the Xbox One's controller

Xbox One Controller

Arguably, the most important part of console gaming is it's controller, not the console itself. The way you interact with the device on a base level is entirely based on your level of comfort with your hands currently (Kinect not withstanding in this context). As more information comes out about the Xbox One on its way up to launch the continued success of its often lofty expectation for its controller is a heated topic. Improved ergonomics, a "fancier" guide button and "impulse triggers" are just a few of the changes we'll see in due time. Fortunately, Major Nelson and company are back for more with the below detailing of the Xbox One's controller. 

 Also note that the most used gamepad on the PC currently is the Xbox 360's wired and wireless controller (with a wireless receiver) although at launch of the Xbox One its controller won't be PC compatible until 2014.

Video: Major Nelson's Unboxing of the Xbox One

The Xbox One is at least 3 months away from being a product that you can actually buy, but that doesn't mean you can't be teased now as to what you are going to get when or if you make the decision to pickup Microsoft next foray into your living room/gaming space. Xbox Live's Major Nelson gives you the rundown on everything in the Day One Edition of the Xbox One in the above video as well as confirming that there will indeed be a headset included in the box.

Additional videos for the Headset and Play & Charge Kit are also below. 

Xbox One Chat Headset

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

Video: Making Halo 4: Return of the Forerunners


343 Industries is nearly the end of the line on their first big project ( Halo Anniversary not withstanding)  and things are looking very good for an upstart studio who has astronomical expectations trust upon them from the likes of Halo's previous guardians Bungie. 

More from the Making of Halo 4 is on tap with the dramatics at an all time high. It appears 343 is doing all of the rights things although anything can be made to look awesome once their in an editing bay. That said, if you don't have an Halo 4 boner after watching this something is seriously wrong with you.

Video: Making Halo 4 Your Journey


The wait for Halo 4 is nearing its end and fan's of the now long running series that is largely responsible the the Xbox Platform making it at all can begin to countdown to November 6th, 2012 not as if its a year a way, but a matter of several days. The hard work of 343 Industries is on display in the below video with a lot of sneak peeks at the game. Building the hype one video at a time? Yes, this video most definitely is.