TVD Music Saturday for August 17, 2013 (I'm Fast)

Every Saturday you'll find a new track of music to enjoy of the videogame related variety. What you'll find hear is music that might not necessarily be music directly from a videogame, but be inspired by it at the very least.

In a turn for the bizarre this week comes I'm Fast (Sonic the Hedgehog Rap) by Hiimrawn. A track from 2011, I'm Fast is something that I'm sure Sega would disavowal any knowledge of. This is one of the weirdest yet funny and vulgar songs you'll ever hear. I'm Fast has it all. Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik in the most bizarre context you'll likely ever see (as the video is available below).

I'm Fast (Clean Version)

I'm Fast ( Original/Explicit version)